la leçon un peu française (A little french lesson)

I love reading about other cultures and one thing I have discovered about the french is they tend to be more zen than us Americans. Hear me out: They don’t work 16 hour days, enjoy walking/bicycling to their destinations, and take pleasures very seriously. You generally won’t see a french person scarfing down a lunch in their car. Their meals and drinks tend to be well thought out and they don’t overindulge. I’m speaking very generally here…there are always exceptions. However, they live a less hectic and pleasurable existence and I think we could all benefit from a little more of their type of zen.


One article that I recently read stated that French children tend to be better behaved then American children. ( More calm and quiet.) It’s hard to pinpoint why exactly that is but one thing this article mentioned was French parents are pretty laid-back except when it comes to saying “bonjour” and “au revoir” to adults. Acknowledgment is important to do with everyone in your life. In fact, a small way to boost your relationship with your significant other is to greet them everyday when they come home. ❤ 

Hope there is some food for thought in there for you. Love to all! happy friday everyone! 

speaking of valentine’s day..

I’m not a huge Valentine’s day fan but it signifies more than just a hallmark celebration for me. It shows how long I’ve been with someone perfect for me. He is absolutely beautiful (I secretly worry that I’m not good enough for him). Weird fact: most everyone I’ve dated has been a taurus. So I created a poem in honor of my magnificent May Men (past and present). 


A secret I will betray:

 I like boys who are

born in May.

For years with me 

they stay. 

I want them all

in a bouquet

So I can play

with them all day.

Trying to catch my prey

no one stands in my way.

oh lovely boys of May


Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day…

sunday solicitude

Sundays are usually hard for me, which is pretty common I guess. Today was made better by the fact that I got to work with a new client (a 24 year old with developmental disabilities). As exhausting as that can be, I have to be so grateful for the opportunity as this job has made me a more patient, assertive and understanding person. Now that I’m home, I’m just trying to unwind and get ready for the week.

Overall, though, it’s been a really blessed weekend. Great friends and wonderful food. Also started watching a new TV show called “lie to me”–super interesting!

On a completely different note, there is something that I have been wondering about lately. I have been reading several Thich Nhat HaNh books and articles–so enlightening and simple to read. I recommended at least reading one of his books in your lifetime. Anyways, there are several quotes which I’ve been reflecting on. Here is one I’ve been thinking about a lot: “When another person makes you suffer, it is because he suffers deeply within himself, and his suffering is spilling over. He does not need punishment; he needs help. That’s the message he is sending.”

I’m starting to understand that. I also understand that forgiveness is something that is important and beneficial for yourself and your mental health. So let’s say somebody makes you suffer. You understand that they themselves are suffering. You forgive them so you can move on in your life. THEN HOW DO YOU ACT TO THEM IN THE FUTURE? I feel like no matter what, I always act a little cold and guarded after something disappointing happens. I don’t feel like it would justified to act like nothing happened. Would you just simply tell them that they hurt you and then try to move on? I don’t get it yet but I’m working on it! As always, let me know your thoughts.

Do not go gentle into that good night



Meatless Monday was a success! Delicious eggs, pesto and pasta thanks to my gorgeous cook. Maybe after a couple of weeks, we can transition into Meatless Monday and Wednesday if I’m feeling real adventurous. I’m trying to think of some alternatives to meat for protein (besides eggs and peanut butter) that could work for the centerpiece of the meal. I’m got “the kind diet” from the library so pernaps that’ll give me some ideas?? Man, words cannot describe with how much I love the library.


This Saturday, at my library, the opportunity was given to donate blood so I’m real happy I got to do that. (It was my first time! He said i saved 3 lives. 🙂 Good lord, I was so dizzy though..) So, yet another reason to keep on supporting your public libraries!! 


Stay tuned for the next post! ❤