Your Body is Beautiful

“Men looks at themselves in mirrors.  Women look for themselves.” Elissa Melamed


A story from Eve Ensler about meeting a woman from Nigeria, from  her body-positivity documentary “America the Beautiful”:

Eve, look at that tree. Do you see that tree? Now look at that (other) tree. Do you like that tree? Do you hate that tree ’cause it doesn’t look like that tree? We’re all trees. You’re a tree. I’m a tree. You’ve got to love your body, Eve. You’ve got to love your tree. Love your tree!







**For more concepts like this, check out the book “Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall”-written by the lovely Kjerstin Gruys, who came up with the genius mantra::

Act in accordance with your values. People who matter don’t mind, and people who mind don’t matter (but it’s still important to treat people as though they matter!)

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summer (w)rap up


had an intestinal infection

didn’t affect my perfection

we got a cat

i ate non-fat

did yoga on my mat

tried to plan a wedding

without any beheading

i laid by the pool

worked at summer school

to make that cash

and stayed a little white trash