February Favorites


  1. Pointed flats! I love how elegant they look with a variety of outfits. They are also easy to run in, which is a requirement when you work in an EBD classroom!
  2. Not Your Mother’s “Plump for Joy”– Thickening Hair Lifter. I love using this stuff on days I don’t wash my hair. Refreshes my hair and adds body.
  3. v8 Infused Water. It has a more interesting taste than water and each bottle has a servings of veggies! It’s also only 30 calories but these bottles are kind of pricey.
  4. Victoria’s Secret Lip Plumper. Kind of obsessed with this lip gloss. It develops into a bright and flattering custom pink color and stays around for awhile. It really perks up my complexion.
  5. Hoop Earrings. The bigger, the better!