talkin’ tipsy

we laughed and clinked

our round of drinks

my wine-stained lips

taking little sips


then louder and louder the voices grew


everyone screamed their point of view


we kiss and bite

smile and fight

these friday nights

quite a sore sight





hey guys– i just found an old poem i wrote back when my fiance and i started dating~ too cute ūüôā ¬†before I post it, i just wanted to thank all of you who have been supporting my blog, means the world to me ..




I need your squeezes

to fight off my diseases


experiencing your lips

i forget about my hips


lying in bed with you

makes me want to be healthy too






i love my quasi

not his first licks of the day

too thick and slimy


my most peaceful sleep

when i become his pillow

his head on my head



wahh :(

a trip and fall

wrist sprain and finger fracture

so accident prone


shooting down my arm

from my hand to my elbow

ricocheting pain