la leçon un peu française (A little french lesson)

I love reading about other cultures and one thing I have discovered about the french is they tend to be more zen than us Americans. Hear me out: They don’t work 16 hour days, enjoy walking/bicycling to their destinations, and take pleasures very seriously. You generally won’t see a french person scarfing down a lunch in their car. Their meals and drinks tend to be well thought out and they don’t overindulge. I’m speaking very generally here…there are always exceptions. However, they live a less hectic and pleasurable existence and I think we could all benefit from a little more of their type of zen.


One article that I recently read stated that French children tend to be better behaved then American children. ( More calm and quiet.) It’s hard to pinpoint why exactly that is but one thing this article mentioned was French parents are pretty laid-back except when it comes to saying “bonjour” and “au revoir” to adults. Acknowledgment is important to do with everyone in your life. In fact, a small way to boost your relationship with your significant other is to greet them everyday when they come home. ❤ 

Hope there is some food for thought in there for you. Love to all! happy friday everyone! 


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