Do not go gentle into that good night



Meatless Monday was a success! Delicious eggs, pesto and pasta thanks to my gorgeous cook. Maybe after a couple of weeks, we can transition into Meatless Monday and Wednesday if I’m feeling real adventurous. I’m trying to think of some alternatives to meat for protein (besides eggs and peanut butter) that could work for the centerpiece of the meal. I’m got “the kind diet” from the library so pernaps that’ll give me some ideas?? Man, words cannot describe with how much I love the library.


This Saturday, at my library, the opportunity was given to donate blood so I’m real happy I got to do that. (It was my first time! He said i saved 3 lives. 🙂 Good lord, I was so dizzy though..) So, yet another reason to keep on supporting your public libraries!! 


Stay tuned for the next post! ❤ 


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