Why I believe having a dog prepares you (a little bit) for parenthood:

* you begin to physically and mentally care for another living being

*it forces you to become more responsible; morning feedings and bathroom trips, less spontaneous vacations/nights away and earlier nights in.

*you have to perform intimate activities on something besides yourself. (butt wiping, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, bathing,etc.)

* being completely in charge of a living, breathing, vulnerable being forces you to become more accountable.

*daily walks make you a healthier caretaker.

*if you live with a significant other, you learn to be on the same page as far as expectations and consequences go.

*keeping certain things out of reach becomes a natural habit.

*you learn to reinforce positive behaviors.

Dogs (and animals in general) are just the best and even if you aren’t preparing for parenthood, definitely consider giving a needy animal a home. 

You can learn more at: http://www.aspca.org/

See how great dogs are


Here I am cuddling one of our adopted pets, Quasi. Such a rockstar dog.

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delusional dust


bloated with


   and delusions


neither of us notice 

             i’m wasting away underneath


      i try to

find a comfortable pose

  while i begin

       to decompose


my flesh

  dissolves to dust

     your love

       turns to



     at the slightest