Life Hack–put to the test

I saw this idea all over pinterest awhile ago…fixing your shattered makeup powder with rubbing alcohol. At the time I figured it would never pertain to me (I don’t know why considering I am the clumsiest person on the planet) so I didn’t pin it. Fast forward to this weekend when I dropped one of my fav bronzers on the hard bathroom floor. Shattering and swearing ensued. I remembered this trick and obviously had to look it up again.

This bronzer, which I adore, is also really cheap so I wasn’t too worried if the experiment failed. However, I was pleasantly surprised that it worked! I smushed up all the powder until it was almost like sand and then added some rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol was in this house long before I moved in and it still worked! The pinterest posts say to add a couple drops of the alcohol but it came out faster than I was prepared for so I accidentally soaked the whole thing. I rubbed it around with my finger and then tried to smooth it with a spoon. It got a little messy. I let it dry overnight and TA DA! My bronzer is back in working order.

Here is a pic of the broken powder and rubbing alcohol, the bronzer immediately after the experiment and again after a couple of uses. Hope this was helpful! 🙂



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