Vegan Toddler Meal Ideas!

Hey guys!

I documented some of the meals we have been giving Xander lately.

So many healthy options for your growing toddler!

It’s really important to me that meal times remain a calm and enjoyable time & don’t become a power struggle so at this point we are providing him with different options and letting him explore them on his own terms.

 The more exposure he gets to a variety of food, the more comfortable he is trying it.

(If he touches a new food, we consider that a victory for now!)

You’ll notice a couple staple items like rice, buckwheat and pretzels with hummus because he loves those!

I’ve found this particular account Kids Eat in Color to be really helpful as we navigate the toddler years. Explore the site for ideas and check out Xander’s mealtimes below!

*FYI these trays were super cheap from Wal-mart









I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe got a couple new ideas!

Check out how we’ve been spending the quarantine below and give my struggling youtube channel some love 😭 😂

✌ @smile__and__breathe

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