Quick & cute care package for healthcare workers!

This has been a really scary couple weeks as the world continues to face the #coronavirus. 😭

I know it’s left a lot of us homebound, feeling helpless as we watch hospitals and clinics get overwhelmed with an increasing amount of patients with little supplies left.

My strong, sweet sister is an EMT at an emergency room and this weekend has been chaotic for her to say the least.

I’ve been thinking about her a lot and channeled some of the anxiety I’ve been feeling into making a little care kit to brighten her day and hopefully keep her healthy! 🤞

Really simple to put together (honestly most of the stuff I had already) but it really brightened her day! Assemble one yourself and drop it off to someone who is on the frontlines of this virus and could use a day brightener! I included some Post-its to make it more personal 🙂


What I included:

– Sparkling water

-Rehydrating facial mist

-Antiseptic mouthwash

-Chocolates & fruit snacks

-Almond snack packs

-Pre-made plant based meal

-Emergen-C supplement

-Body wipes


✌ @smile__and__breathe

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