Getting sick? Try these tips!

I spent years working in schools so I know a thing or two about fighting sickness.


I feel like I can cut my sick time by at least half by following these tips when I feel that damn tingle start in the back of my throat.

Take an Emergen-C STAT!


The large dose of Vitamin C boosts your immune system.


Gargle with salt water


Gargling several times a day with warm saltwater reduces swelling in the throat and loosens mucus.



Use a Neti-Pot


I like to use it in the morning after I wake up when I’m under the weather.



Hot water with lemon


Detoxifying, immune boosting and hydrating!


Get some rest


Go to sleep earlier or try to get a nap in. Sleep gives your body time to repair itself.

Hope you found this helpful!

What other ways do you combat getting sick? Let me know below!

✌ @smile__and__breathe

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