Emergency Kit

Maybe it’s the current state of the world or that I’m expecting my first child, but I recently became obsessed with creating an emergency kit to prepare for natural or manmade disasters.

My mom always instilled in us how important it is to have a kit for our car if we ever got stuck somewhere (especially during Minnesota winters). These kits were fairly simple; first aid, blankets, granola bars.

I took that idea and ran with it. I made a much grander version for the household. I just took some time to go the the local dollar store and stocked up on some non-perishable goodies and put everything in a plastic bin with a lid. Keep reading to see what I was sure to include!


The basics:

Scissors, pocket knife, antibacterial wipes, cleansing wipes, candles, batteries, flashlight, & tylenol.


Self care and safety:

Lighter, rubber bands, matches, pantyliners, tampons, band-aids, sewing kit, lip balm and no water needed toothbrushes.




Saltines, canned fruit, chick peas, black beans, tupperware, can opener, plastic utensils, salt and pepper and hard candy.



For the pets:

Small bag of dog food, cat treats, and dental sticks.



Bottled water



Little notebooks, mechanical pencils, playing cards, floss, and hand sanitizer.


I also recently got one of the emergency blankets that fold up super small and look like they’re made out of tinfoil. Anything else I’m forgetting? Do you have some sort of emergency kit at home or in your car? Let me know below!

✌ @smile__and__breathe

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