Clean Eating








Hope you found this helpful and got some new ideas!

I’m trying to clean up my diet a little bit–

I’ve never been a terrible eater but I’ve never met a potato chip I haven’t liked

(except jalapeno flavored- do not like those!)

and I tend to pretend fun-size candy bars don’t count.

Since I’m turning 28 (gulp!) in a couple days and I know

my metabolism is going to start to slllloooowww down

I figure now is a good time to start to clean up my eating habits!

Any clean, delicious food I’m leaving out?

What are your favorite clean meals?

Let me know below!




3 thoughts on “Clean Eating

  1. I love yams! ! It’s the best haha but I know it’s hard to stick to a healthy eating routine, but we got to do it for ourselves, I’m in this with you 🙂

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