Cheap and Chic: Wedding Invitations

In a matter of days, I will be marrying this adorable man:

Even though we are planning a pretty casual affair, planning any type of wedding has proven to be no joke. We have tried to keep it chic, charming and CHEAP! Our wedding invitations were no exception and we received such positive feedback from them, I had to share.


It’s basically just a message in a bottle! On the scroll of paper inside, the guest finds basic information about the wedding and directions to our wedding website to RSVP and view details. You can check out our website here:


It was SO nice to not have to provide more stamps and envelopes for people to RSVP-this honestly was one of the main reasons behind this idea!

To send them, we simply dropped them in a regular envelope with 2 stamps (could have maybe gotten away with one but we didn’t chance it). We could have used a padded envelope (the post office encouraged it) but we had no problem with them breaking. In fact, MOST of them made it fine. One was returned due to insufficient postage, and one envelope broke and the bottle was lost 😦 But the VAST majority arrived without a hitch!

The little bottles were purchased from ebay ($10.00 for 100) and the string was purchased from Micheal’s for .79 cents! Pretty cost effective eh? Also, fairly easy to make! Took us maybe 2 hours to do it. (I mainly cut the paper strips, my fiance was totally the mastermind here). Note: make sure to make the scroll tight so it doesn’t expand in the bottle.

It should look like this before it goes into the bottle:



Happy Wedding Season Everyone- Wish us luck on our big day ❤


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