No Bad Dogs

I recently read a book, “No Bad Dogs” written by a total badass of a woman–Barbara Woodhouse. It was published in 1978 and it’s all about how to train your dog and get them show-ready. Parts of it were irrelevant to me since I’m not planning on putting Quasi in a dog show but she wrote some great advice for handling your dog in general. I thought I would share some gems from this book.

  •  For jumping up, the correction is to teach the dog to sit and stay on command and give it generous praise when it does not jump up.
  • Sharp movements with a choke chain (unfortunate name, I know) in conjunction with a thunderous voice to correct a bad behavior. (She points out that thick-linked chains are superior, as small-linked chains can hurt the dog)
  • Generous praise with good eye contact and scratching (as opposed to rubbing) when the dog is doing something well.
  • “WHAT a good dog” should be used when praising–the word “what” has a magical effect on a dog and produces an instant happy rapport.
  • Barbara points out that all dogs should have work to do, whether it’s tricks, obedience training or something more hardcore, like hunting. This occupies the dog’s mind and prevents behaviors such as stealing.

As the author states, “a dog is only what you make it:it mirrors you.”ImageImage


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